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Airport -  Flying from San Jose to Nosara is with or  Most flights will leave in the morning or early afternoon for Nosara. Cost is about $120 per person, one way. Smaller planes arrive in Nosara on a daily basis. Sansa, the country's domestic air service flies in everyday at approximately 12:00 noon and leaves almost immediately thereafter back to San Jose's International Airport. It takes about 40 minutes compared to the car ride which may take 5-7 hours. The rates are cheap too, which makes it the most convenient way to visit Nosara if you don't have a lot of time.

Rental car - Reservations are strongly recommended. You need to be over 21. There is an insurance rider you will have to pay. Not cheap - about 10 extra dollars a day but worth it. If you use American Express you may be able to waive the insurance, but as always read the rental agencies and your credit cards' fine print. Never leave the car unlocked or with anything inside and you'll never have anything to worry about. Use common sense and caution and remember that while you're on the road you can never be too careful. For every 4x4 SUV in the U.S. that sits in the garage in between trips to the detailer there's a road in Costa Rica that will test the very best and Nosara is no exception. We have dirt, mud, rocks, river crossings, and this is all part of the adventure. So please buckle up, drive slowly and enjoy yourself. Immensely. You can have a two-wheel drive car if you are visiting between January and April, but it's never as fun. Traffic police are a separate entity from the town police. Don't give them a reason to pull you over by always wearing your seatbelt, carrying your passport and driver's license with you (or at the very least copies thereof) and most importantly driving safely. You may be on "safari" but the rest of the people are just living life here, so please drive through our roads as you would want us to drive through your neighborhood. Another driving tip: Road signs in Costa Rica are often ambiguous so use you intuition and a good map.

Bus - A direct Bus departs daily from San José to Nosara. It leaves at 6:00 a.m., from the Alfaro bus terminal, 14th street, 5th avenue. The fare is about $8.00 and it takes 6 hours to reach Nosara. Call for the most recent information at (506) 222-2750. We strongly recommend that you purchase your ticket a day in advance.

There is a bus leaving San Jose daily at 5:30am and arriving in Nosara around 11:30am.  Cost is about $8 per person.  be at the bus terminal before 5am to make sure to get a seat... Traveling standing up is not fun.  A taxi will take you to the bus terminal, bus company name is Alfaro and address is 5th Avenue, 14th street (Avenida 5, Calle 14).  Bus is safe.  Luggage are tagged if put under the bus.  Keep valuables with you and watch them at all times.

 There also is a shuttle service departing from San Jose around 8:30am, but they will only take you to Samara, then you would have to take a taxi for the last 45-minute ride to Nosara, as they no longer offer services to Nosara.  Shuttle service is and cost is around $45 per person, plus taxi at around $50 (for the entire car) 

The shuttle will do pick-up at certain hotels in San Jose or by aiport hotels.  All info is on their web site.

Taxis - Taxis are available in every town, we even have one (yes one) here in Nosara. You can book it by calling 682-0142  A private taxi from San Jose is about $200 one way, but gives you flexibility.  We can have someone pick up if you wish.

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